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Declaration of Agreements!

No matter how you got here,  this alignment process will match you to open source solutions, resources, tribe, and an area to coherently join with others and leave the world of distraction behind.

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  • Read the Declaration of Agreements
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Note: Do not skip reading the full agreements. These are going to be very important in moving forward.



this is a special invite for you specifically to participate in the creation of a revolutionary agreement field and understanding between pioneers and visionaries who are dedicated to creating a full potential world.


Those in alignment with full potential world, especially community builders and new paradigm organization builders. influencers, active participants, conscious co-creators, and early adopters.


Creating a world in which each person’s full potential is unleashed. A world in which basic needs are met. a world free of karmic and financial debt. thriving with passion and purpose. This is achieved by our co-creation process that supports building tribe and finding our true family. our universal shared access platform for co-creating a new level of connectivity, communication, and exchange Allow us to move forward together and form a new collective field.

If you are in alignment with the Invite, Please review the Universal Agreements that helps support the global intention.

Universal Agreements


Please read the following universal agreement carefully.


The intention of this document is to set down the Universal Agreements by which communities can participate in and engage with one another. This specific Universal Agreement set will have a community currency that supports the agreements and provides a closed loop economic system in which can help all of us achieve similar aims of creating a shared economy. There will also be shared access to data, tools, resources and more.

Levels of membership

Consortium / LLC

Contribution – shared intention.

Basic Agreements

  • 1A – I agree to all universal, organizational, group and relationship agreements I enter into.
    (means we are going to understand rules of game before playing from now on)
  • 1B – No group or individual relationship agreements overrides the universal agreements


  • 2A – I agree to do my best to leave spaces better than I found them.
  • 2B – I agree to honor the space agreements made at specific spaces that I attend
  • 2C – As a Steward of a space: I agree to post all space agreements to those who would enter before arrival to the space, and outside of each space on the door or easily accessible for those entering to read
  • 2D – As a Steward of a space: I agree that I will not change any space agreements while others are present without their consent.
  • 2E – As a Steward of a space: I agree that if I do not honor the agreements, that I may have to leave the space, have my role filled by another, or lastly (in the event that this does not happen) the space may lose access to the currency program initiated by the Universal Agreement Network (Everyone who has agreed to the Declaration of Agreements) and the Full Potential Alliance (the consortium of organizations working together within the DOA).
  • 2F – Stewards of spaces can come in the form of Groups or Individuals
  • 2G – If a group is Stewarding a Space, it must finalize all Space agreements together, unless a member cedes their right to be in the decision process. Spaces can be divided into time segments to fit unique requests.
  • 2H – As a space coordinator or steward, I agree to always trying to leave an available space where people can “unplug” and “relax” .  This is always a good option for those that don’t have the energy to participate for any reason. Or need solace.


  • 3A – While I agree to all of the above, I remain open to change or adapt agreements and will call a meeting for this purpose following the agreement process in changing or negotiating agreements.

Community Property

  • 4A – I agree to return community property in same or better condition, within agreed upon time frame (space or schedule agreements clearly posted).


  • 5A – I agree that in any shared space, the event with the most participants will get the larger room or stage, or venue. (unless otherwise agreed).
  • 5B – Hosting a physical event will include a full description of the agreement field for the space/time.
  • 5C – In each space that has an agreement field, we will post that on the entry door.
  • 5D – I agree to shared access to a database of programs, resources, organizational tools, and open source platforms shared and stewarded within the Universal Agreement field.
  • 5E – I agree to honor all agreements made around shared access to information, tools, and platforms, or I may lose access according to the access agreements.

Flow Events

  • 6A – I agree that if I am not “in the flow” I will find a place I can relax or reflect and allow those “in the flow” and “playing the game” to continue their actions without me until I am able to participate.


  • 7A – I agree that if I feel off balance, to honor myself and take a moment to re-center.
  • 7B – I agree to speak in a way that is supportive of others (especially when about others) whether or not they are physically present; and when I am speaking to them directly. (Is it helpful? Is it relevant? and Is it kind?)
  • 7C – I agree to honor myself and others by asking them questions and seeking understanding instead of getting upset or making assumptions or judgements.
  • 7D – I agree to channel all objections to a proposed solution through the proper channels and formats
  • 7E – If we lose respect for something.. _ they do something we consider immoral, it’s our job to bring that to the world of agreement or accept it.. (in other words, if we have a judgement on something that wasn’t in the agreement field, it’s our job to form an agreement around that or accept it)
  • 7F – I am willing to use the agreed upon protocols for each specific type of meeting or event.
  • 7G – Education – Agree on what we are going to educate ourselves on.. Once we are educated on the same things , then we can communicate within this new understanding. (This only identifies common education material, it is not a forced agreement)
  • 7H – If one is in their heart-space and does not want to speak, they may show a hand signal to let others know this. I am agreeing to honor this, and viewing this as an invite. (unless you are participating in a event/or meeting that has a specific protocol)
  • 7I – Language agreements – We agree to strive to use pure words.. We agree to simplify, we agree to see which set and clear definitions are the same and agree to getting clear on which ones we use in which instances.


  • 8A – I agree to call for a re-negotiation meeting with all relevant parties and relationship partners before changing an agreement.
  • 8B – I agree to always speak the truth to the best of my ability and honor my previous agreements when making new ones.


  • 9A – When I cannot resolve a problem with the tools I have, I will next turn to an expert coach for support. If coaching doesn’t work, this issue can go to the whole community or all of those involved.   (Conscious Co-Creation Tools)


  • 10A – I agree that I will respect others personal belongings, and honor the team agreements of any game I am playing.
  • 10B – I agree to respect everyone’s physically space and sound space within agreed upon posted levels.


  • 11A – I agree that if I do not honor space agreements (that are clearly posted) I may be asked to leave – If I do not leave upon request by steward or group inhabiting space, I realize I may be disqualified from receiving “level 3 currency”, and therefore may not be able to stay in the space. * (stewards of the space would make the final decision for any currency matters)
  • 11B – I agree that if I do not honor space agreements that the group stewarding the space may log my removal into our shared database connected to our universal agreement tribe.
  • 11C – I agree that if I am not honoring Universal Agreements in a Space enough times that I may be asked to attend a Training Course, if I am to go back to a training course, I understand there may be fees required.

Definition of Terms

Universal Agreements – Any agreement that is overarching in our intent to reach our destination of creating a New Earth as relates to our World Intention.

Universal Currency / Fiat Currency

Aligns with world intention

Formation of a few teams to help hold the Universal Agreements – Plan for how the collective will support this

Offer to Collective / Shared pot / a place where each org can donate to the consortium. (this can help support the teams that are formed here early.. to create this)

How to set new agreement fields *(anything under this field will be set with trained team/integrity keepers)

Wow to gain alignment (suggested process)

Exit strategy – what if’s – what happens when someone does not follow major and minor agreements?

Organizational Agreements – Agreements are within universal agreements, and also pertain to those working within a shared income environment.

Shared Income

guidelines on team forming

Values and Principles – (always equal/balanced) -Goes for everyone all the time.

How to Organize, communicate within and between groups

Purpose definition for intention of the organization

offer to the collective – Universal of how they fit into it. (and a process of matching before forming and alignment and best path/true north/unity)

all incoming money and how it gets distributed

governance, and decision making

culture codes

How to form teams and how the organism evolves and splits

Exit strategy for the organization

Space/Time Agreements – May or may not be under Organizational Agreements. Dictates the agreements made for any specific space working within the Universal Agreement Field. These can also be broken down into time segments. They also can be used for online events that are decentralized in locations.

Times associated with things

Specific Spaces

Other Currencies

How much $ and what types to participate

Goes for everyone within a space/time

Aligns with community intention

Property Agreements within the space

Social Etiquette

Personal or Relationship Agreements – (not within our scope) Any personal agreement made between two or more individuals and not going through the processes and agreements outlined in the Universal Agreements

Currency Program

We will be implementing a currency that supports the Agreement Field. This will be ran by the collective. It is transparent, it does not skew value in any way, and it is meant to empower us and help us transition to a contribution economy. No one is forced to use the network, the currency, or even the agreement field.

Full Potential Alliance

This is the name of the group that has been chosen to represent a World Game. It is ran by the collective, and represents a consortium of leaders that are in alignment. This alliance will give these leaders a place to work together and begin to open source and gain trust.


We are stepping out of ownership, and into stewardship. For now, a landowner may decide to be a part of the Universal Agreement Field. We will support them with a currency boost, our networks, Space Agreement Fields, Shared Database and more. A Steward may not be the landowner (instead may be appointed as steward by the inhabitants of the space). A steward is responsible for maintaining the agreements of the space, taking care of the space itself, and helping each event or situation run smoothly.

Agreement Process (Renegotiation Process)

We are using Full Body Yes Consensus model for Universal Agreements. Space Agreements will have their own Agreement Processes behind them. We will update with full proposals and with informing the group of the meeting, and of a second chance for those who missed the meeting. This is our chance to update any original agreements. After a while we may only update every year.

Access Agreements

We will come up with these for each specific instance. An example of things we might access are (shared database, shared tools/resources, currency, ability to edit, marketing, etc)


Protocols are the “how” we do things. These get developed by each group in their specific processes.

Pure Words

We aim to use Pure Words. Or those that don’t have multiple meanings or innuendos. This allows us to understand each other better and keep similar focus and momentum.

Renegotiation Meeting

There will be a specific guidelines set for asking for a Renegotiation Meeting. We understand things change, informing other parties in the correct way is the key here.

  • Level 1 Currency-Fiat – Designed to interact with the Matrix
  • Level 2 Currency – Universal Agreement Currency – Attached to Universal Agreement Field. Designed to interact with one another and maintain a closed loop system that is able to expand without being drained by outside forces.
  • Level 3 Currency – Space Currency- Attached to the agreements of the specific space and/or event. This currency is 100% to ensure the integrity of the Agreement field container from being broken.

Training Course

There are plans to develop an onboarding process. After onboarding will be a training course. (*note-this may get renamed) This Training Course will be modular and help each person to achieve knowledge, skills, abilities that help them step into the spaces and events that they may attend.

Shared Database

We are teaming up to share programs, data, lists, action steps, etc.. This must be set up congruent and pertaining to areas of interest and alignment. We will have specific access agreements that ensure we are in a clear understanding of what is open source, and what is for us within the network to share and use.

Accept the Agreement

If you are in 100% agreement with the Declaration of Agreements, click on the button below.

I agree