Panel of Experts

Welcome to the Panel of Evolutionary Experts

  • What is money?
  • What is better than money?
  • What is peace & true abundance worth?
  • What is life itself worth?
  1. What is money? (answer) – Controls everything. A control mechanism. It is corrupt and enslaves us all and rapidly destroying our planet and each other.
  2. As long as we buy our food and not grow our food and as long as we buy our power, instead of creating it, money will continue to control our lives and the continued destruction we are all heading towards now.
  3. Only in a true decentralized system balanced with nature can we flourish and prosper and only then can we begin to repair the damage done to our world and each other.
  4. We must begin within, as it always starts with us as individuals and if YOU cannot face YOU, then YOU will never be free and never be truly happy or at peace within.  Join us in the new world


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